Subject Information


Private schools, and some state schools, often set comprehension and composition/essay questions in their entrance tests. We will cover all aspects of these areas, including the trickier passages and questions which crop up in some exams.  For the written exam we will cover creative/descriptive  writing as well as persuasive/argumentative essays.


In general, entrance tests require children to show their abilities to National Curriculum Level 5. In some private school tests, however, some questions will stretch further to level 6. Your child will be placed into an appropriate group where this will be addressed.

Verbal Reasoning

There are more than 20 types of verbal reasoning, all of which will be covered in the PTO classes. This is almost always a component of school entrance exams nationwide. Some parts of VR require good spelling and vocabulary knowledge. An area which can be greatly improved, however, is the logical side, where we can ensure 100% success.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning focuses on the visual strengths of each student, identifying relationships, similarities and differences between shapes and patterns.